Author: lilacxgirl

 Famous person started their meeting with full room and $100 in their hands. “Who wants the money?” Everyone raised hands. “I’m gonna give these $100 to someone tonight but before that..” The person ripped the $100 in few pieces. “Who wants it now?” – they asked again. Everyone raised hand again. “But what if I do this” They threw the $100 on the ground and started to step on it/walk on it. They raised it and it was dirty and wrinkly.  “What about now. Who wants it?” Everyone raised hands again. Then they started:

“See, no matter what I do with the $100, you’ll always want it because no matter how it looks it doesn’t lose its value. It’s the same thing with the people. Many times we’re thrown away, walked over/crushed, left feeling unwanted. But no matter what is happening to us we still don’t lose our value. Dirty or clean, fat or skinny, tall or short, poor or rich. Nothing changes our value.” 

Now think good and answer these: 

 -5 richest people in the world    

-the last 5 winners in Miss Universe.

-10 people who won the Nobel Prize.

-the last 5 people who won an Oscar. 

It’s hard isn’t it? Don’t worry. No one remembers the yesterday’s winners. The applause’s fly away, the awards are covered in dust, the winners are forgotten.

Now think of:

 -3 friends who helped you in your hardest moments.   

-Someone who made you feel special.   

 – People who left mark in your life.

Doing better right? The people who leave marks in your life aren’t famous, rich or have many awards. They’re the ones who care about you and are with you forever.

Author: lilacxgirl