Texas AD Patterson fires back

There is no doubting Texas athletics director Steve Patterson has his critics. Patterson is well aware of this, but he says somebody has to make the tough choices for Texas athletics. “Some people may like what we’re doing and some people may not,” Patterson said Friday, according to The Dallas Morning News. “But somebody has to make tough decisions day in and day out to try to stay focused on what’s most important to us.” What’s important to Texas? Money. Patterson was hired to print more of it in Austin. Every athletics director is, if we are being totally honest about the situation. Sometimes Patterson seems to go too far for the comfort level of longtime Texas supporters, and if he is not careful hen he could run into a similar fate faced by Dave Brandon at Michigan. The AD is responsible for ensuring financial stability of an athletics department, as well as ensuring everything runs smoothly and within the rules, but the AD is also the face of an athletics program and that comes with great responsibility to the fan base. Alienating fans and supporters is never wise, and Patterson appears to have done that to some degree since being brought into the fold. Patterson admitted some fault to communication issues experienced by some fans. “I think we probably haven’t communicated as smoothly on some things as we would have liked to,” Patterson said. “Sometimes, we are moving as fast as we can to deal with the changing environment in college athletics.”

Texas AD Patterson fires back at critics: Somebody has to make tough decisions | CollegeFootballTalk